Injection Molding


Few resources offer both extruding and injection molding. Creative Plastics offers both processes to fulfill the total needs of our customers. Todays injection molding world demands medium & short run injection molding at economical prices. To achieve that goal we must use tremendous creativity and flexibility to reduce costs. Creative Injection incorporates just the right amount of automation into our molding department. The process begins with the knowledge and function of the molded part. Length of run, quantity output of tooling, material, and color requirements are all vital information in the decision making process. Matching the correct equipment to the job is necessary to achieve the most economically injection molded parts.

Creative Injection tools we use to please our customers include:

  • Injection molding machines. Ranging from 30 tons to 300 tons
  • Central chillers
  • Mold Chillers
  • Mold Heaters
  • Granulators Robotic removal of parts, sprue Robotic boxing
  • Automated Material Feeders and Automated Material and Color mixers Material Dryers