• Our fabrication department offers a variety of choices when it comes to custom components, colors, and materials. This is where customization has no limits.
  • We work with national retailers and their suppliers to meet all consumer needs.
  • Our fabricated designs can combine wood, printing, and assorted plastics to make your ideas come to life.
  • Custom product bins will set you apart from your competitors, while keeping you ahead in your specific field.
  • Literature holders can be customized to fit your specifications.
  • We offer multiple secondary options for fabricated parts such as gluing, heat bending, polishing, edge flaming, and many more.
  • Our Fabrication department uses many different types of materials, such as Acrylic, PETG, Polycarbonate, Expanded PVC, and many more.
  • Consumer Displays is just one of the many ways our fabrication department can meet your needs.
  • Assemblies are important factors in our fabrication department. We know that some jobs are time consuming, and we want to give our customers a part they can rely on.


Our plastics fabrication division grew out of a desire to meet our customers needs. Economical short runs, prototyping, and heat bent signage has blossomed into a full service fabrication facility capable of large production runs.

Everything is custom. Our engineers and project managers begin by reviewing your drawing or providing a 3D rendering based upon your project parameters. We provide prototypes for testing and approval before moving to full production. Creative Fabrication craftsmen cut, polish, bond, and heat bend the material(s) of your choice. We routinely fabricate plastics destined for demanding retail environments, and we have extensive experience fabricating printed plastics. Our products are in currently in use at major retailers throughout the United States.

Materials we use include: 

  • Styrene 

  • Expanded PVC 
  • Polycarbonate 
  • PETG 
  • Acrylic / Plexiglas 
  • Variety of colors, mirrored plastics Assembly, bonding to injection molded, extruded, and vacuum formed plastic components. 
  • Fabrication of printed plastics 
  • GRAPHIC MATERIALS - Displays, Printed Lightweight Signage

Point of Purchase include:

  • Printed lightweight signage 

  • Graphic holders 
  • Literature pockets 
  • Shoe risers 
  • Slat wall shelving 
  • Revolving displays 
  • Countertop Displays 
  • Gift Card Holders 
  • 3D Letters
  • Displays Food merchandising
  • Candy and Pastry Bins
  • Bakery and Food Trays
  • Restaurant Displays
  • Signage Exhibit Cases