Profile Extrusion

We offer a variety of custom extrusion capabilities, including linear and co-extrusions. By combining various types of thermoplastic in an extrusion, performance characteristics are enhanced. For example, co-extrusions that combine both flexible and rigid materials can increase the functionality of a single component. Colors can also be combined to increase marketing effectiveness. In-house tooling increases the flexibility of your design and shortens lead times. Total customization means that your solution will more precisely meet your requirements. This enhances performance for greater cost-effectiveness. Extrusion lines are modular allowing us to mix and match exactly the right equipment to the job.

Show us a component and describe its application. In all likelihood, our engineers can improve on design and materials.

Creative Extrusion – tools we use:

  • fully automated extruders
  • extensive co-extrusion & dual extrusion capabilities
  • cost effective in-line secondary operation equipment